Authentic beach rackets from 1958!

Shipping and Returns

Shipping Details

Pick up from our Store

Pick up your order from our store, if you have received e-mail confirmation of the order from our manager.

Sipping in Attica

Delivery of your order by transportation company with extra cost.

Delivery will be made after consultation with the client.

If the product is not immediately available, the shipment will be made on the next business day of receipt in our store.

Delivery outside Attica - Insular Areas

The cost of delivery of the order in Courier or shipping chosen by the client shall bear the business. The additional costs of transport Courier transport or paid by the customer upon receipt. Please note that goods traveling on behalf of, risk, responsibility and expense of the purchaser. Delivery is within 3-8 days, if product is available.

If the product is not immediately available, the shipment will be made on the next working day will be available.

In case of bad weather conditions, strikes and other factors caused the third shipment may be delayed accordingly.


Cancellation - Back - Replacement Products

The client has the right to return the product purchased and ask for the replacement of the following cases:

In any case, selling the wrong product or the product of poor or defective quality demonstrable fault of

In cases where there was a problem - a defect in the product.

The consumer has the right to withdraw without reason within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product in accordance with Law 2551/1994 (as amended by K.Y.A. ZI-891/2013). Refunds will always be made in the same way that payment was made. In each case, the products must be returned in the condition received by the customer, complete, undamaged and in their packaging, together with all the documents and original purchase receipt. If the refund is made within that time or fails to fulfill any of the requirements, cannot accept any return and replacement. The costs for the return charges the company, after consultation.